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Request Novel

The most recommended way for requesting novels is to simply provide the url / link to the novelupdates page. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that all novels sourced from novelupdates can be added.

You can also request a novel by mentioning the title of the novel in English by providing a link to the raw page. If we find the novel in novelupdates, we will try to add the novel right away. However, if the novel is not in the novelupdates, we will add it later.

Novel requests that are not available in novelupdates will be added later, because it requires more time and effort to do so.

It is not recommended to request the same novel many times. If you feel we are ignoring your request, that means we simply cannot add the novel you want for some reason, there is no point in requesting the same novel many times.

You can write the novel you want in the Comment Section.