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宠妻上瘾:劫个相公太傲娇 My Abducted Tsundere Husband
Chinese Web Novel

She was the leader of a gang of bandits, and legend had it that she was bloodthirsty, vicious and unscrupulous.

He was the richest of Daliang and the most handsome man in the country. He loved money and beauties and was a charming dandy who had many concubines.

They were never supposed to cross paths but in a twist of fate, a robbery brought the two together in marriage. Would love bloom between them? Well, before their love got the chance to bud, his aunts, stepmothers, cousins, distant cousins, and his concubines who were doted on or not all wanted to step on her, the lawfully wedded wife! What they didn’t know was that under her weak cat-like facade, hid a ferocious tiger. She could kill without batting an eyelid, and ruthlessness was in her blood. However, the tigers and cats shared one nature. After catching their food, they would toy with the preys before devouring them. When they finally had enough fun, they would strike with their claws and end the game!

In their first encounter, she hid in the crowds to peep at her future husband. The man donned a snow white fur cloak. His inky hair long and silky. He stepped down slowly from the carriage, and his gorgeousness outshined the sun and the moon. All the ladies began to scream in excitement.

In their second encounter, she was drinking with her gang. With one foot on the table, she grabbed her subordinate by the collar, hollering fiercely. “Drink up, if not I’ll kill you!”. He stood at the door and froze, thinking that he had entered the wrong place.

The third time, it was their wedding night. She was in red, beautiful and enchanting. He too was in red, handsome and bewitching. “My lady, it’s getting late. Let us go to bed!”

Outside the window, her subordinates were discussing intensely.
“Let Chief bed him, it will be easier for us to strike in the future!”
“No, she can’t! If she beds him and our plans don;t work out, her efforts would be in vain!”
“Let Chief do it, if not it will arouse suspicion!”
“No, it can’t happen! What if they have a child? How is Chief going to run away then?”

While the heated dispute continued, and suddenly something landed among the red-faced debaters. The man donned in red stood in the center of them, his shoulders half exposed. His skin was fair as snow and his face alluring as the moonlight. Her subordinates gulped and suggested.
“How about, let me bed him?” Show more